What To Do In Cambridge

While smaller than Oxford, this quaint Fenland town is equally full of surprises. The bus tour will give you a fine overview. The ancient colleges are well worth the entrance fees, and some don’t charge.

Punting is also a very Cambridge thing to do and tours in the city include a river-view of the Backs of the colleges. You can hire punts or be punted.  Have a go! But it’s not as easy as it looks.

Here you can find out what’s on today.

Bus tour Cambridge
City-sightseeing bus tour

A one-hour overview of Cambridge’s unique diversity – the ancient colleges, the Backs, town life, the American Cemetery.  The commentary is in ten languages.


The Fitzwilliam Museum, including an art gallery, is a jewel in Cambridge’s crown. In addition there are several smaller museums, all within easy walking distance. If you enjoy history of art or life, give a whole day to these treasure houses.

Walking to Grantchester

Or you can walk along the river to Grantchester. This quaint village, home of Rupert Brooke, was mentioned in the 1086 Domesday book. It is now said to be home to the highest-concentration of Nobel laureates anywhere. You can also punt your way to Grantchester, with the option to walk back or be punted back. 

The Fitzwilliam Museum, 2014.

Best-known among the students are St Andrew the Great (StAG), Holy Trinity, and Eden Baptist. All Cambridge churches love to welcome visitors. Here are other central churches: Great St Mary’s, St Edward, King and Martyr, St Andrew Street Baptist, Cambridge Presbyterian, Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Our Lady and the English Martyrs RC 

Looking Up at Stained Glass and Vaulted Fan Ceiling, Kings College Chapel, University of Cambridge, England